Stay Inside

by Tower Defense

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"Tower Defense's stout post-punk packs a lot of complex ideas into a dense package, and really rewards repeated listens."
- Nashville Cream

"It gives the listener a context for how this quartet of two basses, guitar, and drums simultaneously sound aggressive and friendly, precise but warm."
- Songcast Indie Artist Insider


released March 25, 2016

All songs written by Tower Defense and published by Destroy This Monument (ASCAP).

Recorded and mixed by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes in Inglewood, TN.

Mastered by John Baldwin
Artwork by Ben Smythe

YK034 ·




Tower Defense Nashville, Tennessee

Four old friends with eight bands and one marriage shared between them get comfortable and make music they love.

Current/former members of Apollo Up, Gentleman Divers, The Prudish Few, Short Ropes, and Take The Power Back.
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Track Name: Stay Inside
"A car pulled into my drive
Then continued down the street!"
The message traveled far and wide:
"A stranger and a thief!"
A hasty sketch was commissioned and
Posted on the board:
"A strange man in a white sedan,
A threat we cannot ignore!"

Stay inside!

"I awoke to splintered boards
Strewn across my lawn.
I can't believe what's happening!
All my hens are gone!"
The neighborhood was consulted and
It didn't take much time:
"A strange man in a white sedan
Is suspected of this crime."

Stay inside!

Don't stay inside!
Track Name: Glyphs
The second glyph is glowing.
Your guide's expression's showing
Signs of scorn and grave concern,
A face that question's every action.
You reach your hand out slowly.
You'll see which one's controlling
This array of monoliths, and
How to best remove them from your path.

A moment's hesitation
Before the slow rotation
Gains momentum all it's own,
An ancient, unseen mechanism.
Your fingertips, now burning,
Feel the stone slowly turning.
Cogs in cogs, they move as one.
You'll have no chance to wonder what you've done.
Track Name: Management
On our third attempt, we found the show.
We made our way to the back row.
Lights dim and curtain rises.
Search the stage for a face you know.

Our hero sits upon a throne,
A solemn man in a black robe.
"Management apologizes,
But everybody has to go."

You won't get too far.
There's a hand on your arm.
"Stay right where you are,
The next show's about to start."
Track Name: Camelback
She'd come to love her life on Camelback.
She knew that someday she would see
Lights, lights filling the sky.
Lights, lights blinding her eyes.

One uneventful night on Camelback,
She heard a rushing in the trees.
Bats! Bats filling the sky!
Bats! Bats blinding her eyes!
Bats! Bats flock to her side!
Bats! Bats! Nowhere to hide!

A thousand tiny wings envelop her.
A thousand tiny hearts aflame.
And as a thousand rats devour her,
She thinks that maybe she will see lights.
Track Name: History
It was uncovered when the flood receded.
An urgent action from the board was needed.
"A clear exception to the zoning edicts!
The opportunity we needed to
Destroy this monument. In it's place,
A mixed-use development!"

There was a period of public comment.
A vote was taken and the motion carried.
Earth movers idled in the early morning
Outside our homes and schools and hospitals.

But wait! Our city's in flames!
Wait! I think we'll stay!
Restore our history.